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Red Sangria - Mossy Ledge Apple Brandy, juice blend, cranberry wine. 10


Old Fashioned - Stroudwater Bourbon Whiskey, bitters, simple syrup, orange. 9


Gin and Tonic - Back River Gin, tonic, lemon, lime. 9


Jalapeño Margarita - 1800 tequila, jalapeño simple syrup, orange liqueur and lime. 11

Raspberry Pineapple Margarita - 1800 tequila, raspberry pureé, pineapple simple syrup, orange liqueur and lime. 12

Spiked Hot Chocolate - Mossy Ledge Peppermint Cordial, hot cocoa and whipped cream. 7

Dirty Shirley- Mossy Ledge Cherry Cordial and ginger ale. 8

Maple Sangria- Tree Spirits Maple Wine, Chadwick's Maple Craft Spirits, apple cider. 11

WEEKENDS ONLY- Bloody Mary's A** over Teakettle. 11


Here, we have flavor profiles for all of our drinks, which may help you decide which you will like best!


All wines are available by the glass or in wine flights, where you can try 4 (3oz each) of your choice for $15.

All beer labeled 'on tap' may be tested in a beer flight as well for $10 (4 total of your choice).




- Blackberry Bewitched- Dragonfly Winery, Stetson, BB has a red wine mouthfeel, with a blackberry finish.   $8


-Blueberry Bliss- Dragonfly Winery, Stetson, Made from Maine Blueberries.  It is a sweet dessert wine.   $8


-Candle Waster- Dragonfly Winery, Stetson, CW taste like Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice with a special little kick!   $8

-Rudy - Dragonfly Winery, Stetson, Strawberry wine that packs a punch. $8

-Chardonnay - Stone Tree Winery, Unity, This wine is full bodied with a creamy texture, with notes of vanilla, butter, and oak. The winemaker uses a combination of new and seasoned oak barrels to age the wine, which contributes to the buttery and toasty flavors. $8
- Cellardoor Riesling- Cellardoor Winery, Lincolnville, Rich and lush flavors of pear, lemon, lime, and a mineral acidity that balances out the fruit. 12.1% abv   $8
- Cellardoor Ned Said Red- Cellardoor Winery, Lincolnville, This Bordeaux-inspired blend is fresh and aromatic with jammy black cherry and hints of tobacco. 13.9% abv   $8
- Cellardoor Perfect Stranger -  Cellardoor Winery, Lincolnville, With aromas of Asian pear and crisp green apple, our off-dry Cayuga White has a bright and refreshing finish. 11.5% abv. $8

-Reunion - Stone Tree Winery, Unity, White wine made from Niagra white grapes. It is very fruit forward with citrus and green apple notes. $8

- 207 Cab - Stone Tree Winery, Unity, Full bodied and oak aged Cabernet Sauvignon    $8

- Rosé Away - Stone Tree Winery, Unity, A fresh take on a classic rosé. This semi-dry wine is created by co-fermenting apple wine base, grape juice, and aging in oak. This wine is fruity and dry.   $7


- Rhuberry - Heart of Maine Winery, Lincoln, A perfect blend of strawberry and rhubarb flavors. $8

- Razzle My Dazzle - Heart of Maine Winery, Lincoln, Raspberry, pear, apple and grape flavors.   $8

Maniac Mango - Heart of Maine Winery, Lincold, Mango, pear, and apple blend. $8


- Pear Picnic- Tree Spirits, Oakland, Light and crisp, with a subtle hint of pear. 12% abv   $8

Sparkling Pear- Tree Spirits, Oakland, Made from locally pronounced pear cider, this sparkling wine will remind you of prosecco, with a beautiful golden color and hint of pear. 12% abv. $8

-Berry Chocolate -Winterport Winery, Winterport, A blossoming of berry flavors followed by a velvety chocolate finish. A blend of raspberry-blueberry wines with a natural chocolate flavor. 12.5% abv   $8


- Apple Mead- Anthony Lee's Winery, Dexter, Maine apple mead honey wine. 13% abv  $8


- Maple Picnic- Tree Spirits, Oakland, With a hint of maple, caramel, and nuts. 12% abv. $8


- Allagash White**- Allagash Brewing Company, Portland, a Belgian-style wheat beer, brewed with oats, malted wheat, and raw wheat for a hazy “white” appearance. Spiced with special blends of coriander and Curaçao orange peel, complex and refreshing. 5.2% abv   $7

- Coastal Haze- Baxter Brewing, Lewiston, This hazy IPA is carefully crafted with a bright citrus aroma to honor the spirit of adventure and the ruggedness of our distinct state. 5.9% abv   $6

- Stowaway - Baxter Brewing, Lewiston, This beer offers a balanced finish virtually unheard of in the style category. This has a bold hop profile synonymous with a West Coast IPA that is balanced out with a deep malt backbone. 6.9% abv   $6

- Nut Brown Ale** -Oak Pond Road Brewery, Skowhegan, Using 8 different malts to give it complexity with a slightly toasted flavor and coffee like tones. Imported English hops provide a full and pleasant hop profile. It is a smooth and creamy ale with a clean and comfortable flavor. 4.5 % abv. $7

- Allen's Coffee Breakfast Stout **- Lone Pine Brewing, Portland, Brewed with the heritage and tradition of Allen's, this lightweight stout is as Maine as it gets. 4.8% abv.  $8

- Champ** Mast Landing Brewing Company, Westbrook, A light lager and classic refresher with a snappy, bright finish. 5% abv. $7

- Stop, Hammock Time - Ambition Brewing, Wilton, Cream Ale, sweet and malty with a light citrus flavor combined with Bravo, Comet wind Lemon Drop hops. 5% abv   $7

Ice Storm of '98 IPA - Baxter Brewing, Lewiston, With a lush malt profile and dynamic citrus, fruit forward hop profile, this New England IPA is brewed to get us through any weather. 5.8% abv.  $7

-Mr. Grumpypants- Norway Brewing Company, Norway, Oatmeal Stout brewed w/ Blue Ox pale malt & Maine Grains oats and finished. Smooth, roasty, & creamy with a fruity coffee nose. 5.8% abv   $7.5

- Thirsty Botanist- Boothbay Craft Brewing, Boothbay, This New England style IPA was carefully crafted to showcase bold and pleasant hop aromatics, followed by a flavor profile with bright, tropical character. 7% abv   $7.5

-Bigelow Brown- Bigelow Brewery, Skowhegan, A traditional American-style brown ale that offers a semi-sweet, malted flavor. Blended with roasted & chocolate malt that impart a smoky, slightly roasted chocolate tone 5% abv $6.5

-Axis of Sour - Triple Berry - Cushnoc Brewing Co, Augusta, A brightly tart kettle soured ale, infused with blackberry, raspberry and strawberry. 4.5% abv

-The Substance Ale** Bissell Brother's Brewing Co., Portland. Their precious flagship IPA. Brightly dank and designed to be just mysterious enough. 6.6% abv. $8

-Lunch** -Maine Beer Co., Freeport, Our East Coast version of a West Coast style IPA. Intense hop flavors and aromas of tropical and citrus fruits and pine dominate. A subtle malt sweetness brings beer into balance. 7% abv. 

Winter Carnival - Lone Pine Brewing, Portland, Seasonal winter ale brewed with colder months in mind. The end result pours a dark yellow with heavy haze with lingering sweetness and notes of clove, coriander, ginger and orange. 5.2% abv.   $8


Seltzer, Cider, Canned Cocktails

Lone Pine Brewing Seltzers, Portland, Choose from strawberry, raspberry lime, blueberry lemon, and watermelon cucumber. 4% abv.  $7


- Ricker Hill Mainiac Mac**- Ricker Hill Orchards, Turner, Made primarily from McIntosh apples mixed in with a blend of other varieties. The result is a naturally sweet drink with a fruity expression of Maine. With it's mild carbonation and crisp clean finish, Mainiac Mac will quench your thirst, satisfy your taste buds, and leave you wanting more. 5% abv


- Blueshine Lemonade - Maine Craft Distilling, Portland, Features Maine Craft Distilling’s BLUESHINE Wild Maine Blueberry Liquor and Maine Craft’s Home-Made Lemonade.  ABV 7%  $6

-Cranberry Island Cocktail- Maine Craft Distilling, Portland, Made with vodka, cranberry, and lime. ABV 7%. $6

**- on tap

Desserts: Made local at The Bankery; torte and cheesecake

Non-alcholic options available.

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