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Cocktails and Seasonal Drinks


Red Sangria - Mossy Ledge Apple Brandy, juice blend, cranberry wine. 10

White Sangria- Mossy Ledge Cinnamon Cordial, juice blend, pear wine. 10


Old Fashioned - Stroudwater Bourbon Whiskey, bitters, simple syrup, orange. 9

Lemon Drop Martini- Ice Pik vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup. 10


Gin and Tonic - Back River Gin, tonic, lemon, lime. 9


Jalapeño Margarita - 1800 tequila, jalapeño simple syrup, orange liqueur and lime. 11

Dirty Shirley- Mossy Ledge Cherry Cordial and ginger ale. 8

Bloody Mary- Ice Pik vodka, Ass Over Teakettle mix. 11

Spiked Strawberry Lemonade- Brightwater rum, lemonade, strawberry puree. 9

Cranberry Margarita- 1800 tequila, cranberry juice, orange liqueur, lime. 12

Whiskey Moose- 201 Service/Main Street Special- Stroudwater Bourbon Whiskey, lime, ginger beer. 11


Wine: by the glass, ($8) or choose any 4 of your choice for a flight ($16)


- Blackberry Bewitched- Dragonfly Winery, Stetson, Red wine mouthfeel, with a blackberry finish.  


-Blueberry Bliss- Dragonfly Winery, Stetson, Made from Maine Blueberries, sweet dessert wine.  


-Candle Waster- Dragonfly Winery, Stetson, Tastes like Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice with a special little kick! 

-Chardonnay - Stone Tree Winery, Unity, Full bodied with a creamy texture, and notes of vanilla, butter, and oak, a combination of new and seasoned oak barrels to age the wine, which contributes to the buttery and toasty flavors.
- Cellardoor Riesling- Cellardoor Winery, Lincolnville, Rich and lush flavors of pear, lemon, lime, and a mineral acidity that balances out the fruit. 12.1% abv  
- Cellardoor Ned Said Red- Cellardoor Winery, Lincolnville, Bordeaux-inspired blend, fresh and aromatic with jammy black cherry and hints of tobacco. 13.9% abv  
- Cellardoor Perfect Stranger -  Cellardoor Winery, Lincolnville, With aromas of Asian pear and crisp green apple, our off-dry Cayuga White has a bright and refreshing finish. 11.5% abv.

- 207 Cab - Stone Tree Winery, Unity, Full bodied and oak aged Cabernet Sauvignon.


- Rhuberry - Heart of Maine Winery, Lincoln, A perfect blend of strawberry and rhubarb flavors.

- Razzle My Dazzle - Heart of Maine Winery, Lincoln, Raspberry, pear, apple and grape flavors. 

Maniac Mango - Heart of Maine Winery, Lincoln, Mango, pear, and apple blend.


- Pear Picnic- Tree Spirits, Oakland, Light and crisp, with a subtle hint of pear. 12% abv 

Sparkling Pear- Tree Spirits, Oakland, Made from locally pronounced pear cider, this sparkling wine will remind you of prosecco, with a beautiful golden color and hint of pear. 12% abv.


- Orchard White- Bartlett Winery, Gouldsboro, Dry and lively on the palate, this light white captures the crispness of Maine apples in the fall. 


- Allagash White**- Allagash Brewing Company, Portland, a Belgian-style wheat beer, brewed with oats, malted wheat, and raw wheat for a hazy “white” appearance. Spiced with special blends of coriander and Curaçao orange peel. 5.2% abv   $7

- Coastal Haze- Baxter Brewing, Lewiston, This hazy IPA is crafted with a bright citrus aroma to honor the spirit of adventure and the ruggedness of our distinct state. 5.9% abv   $6

- Stowaway - Baxter Brewing, Lewiston, This has a bold hop profile synonymous with a West Coast IPA that is balanced out with a deep malt backbone. 6.9% abv   $6

- Lying Bastard**- Bigelow Brewing, Skowhegan, English pale ale that presents as a smooth, easy drinking beer with amber color and good head retention. A mix of slightly sweet, hoppy, earthy and malty aromas and flavors. 4.9% abv. $7.5

- Stop, Hammock Time - Ambition Brewing, Wilton, Cream Ale, sweet and malty with a light citrus flavor combined with lemon hops. 5% abv   $7

- Nut Brown**-  Oak Pond Brewery, Skowhegan, Using 8 different malts to give it complexity with a slightly toasted flavor and coffee like ones. A smooth and creamy ale with a clean and comfortable flavor. $7.5

- Staycation Land**- Baxter Brewing, Lewiston, Great for classic lager drinkers. Crisp, clean and easy. 4.9% abv. $8

- Thirsty Botanist**- Boothbay Craft Brewing, Boothbay, New England style IPA, crafted to showcase bold and pleasant hop aromatics, followed by a flavor profile with bright, tropical character. 7% abv   $7.5

- Bigelow Brown- Bigelow Brewery, Skowhegan, A traditional American-style brown ale that offers a semi-sweet, malted flavor. Blended with malt that impart a smoky, slightly roasted chocolate tone 5% abv $6.5

Lunch** -Maine Beer Co., Freeport, East Coast version of a West Coast style IPA. Intense hop flavors and aromas of tropical and citrus fruits and pine dominate. A subtle malt sweetness brings beer into balance. 7% abv.  $8

Axis Of Sour- Cushnoc Brewing, Augusta, Original brightly tart, sour ale, infused with 3 berry varieties. 4.5% abv. $7.5

Champ Lager**- Mast Landing, Freeport, A champion classic American style lager. Crisp and refreshing with a snappy, bright finish. 5% abv. $8


Seltzer, Cider, Canned Cocktails

Lone Pine Brewing, Portland, Strawberry seltzer. 4% abv.  $7


- Maniac Mac Cider**- Ricker Hill Orchards, Turner, This juicy treat packs big McIntosh aromas, fresh-off-the-tree flavor, and a refreshing effervescence. $7.5

Maniac Caramel Apple- Ricker Hill Orchards, Turner, A touch of buttery caramel flavor added to a spcial blend of sweet Maniac hard cider. 5% abv. $7.5

- Blueshine Lemonade- Maine Craft Distilling, Portland, Maine Blueberry Liquor and home-made lemonade.  ABV 7%  $6

-Cranberry Island Cocktail- Maine Craft Distilling, Portland, Made with vodka, cranberry, and lime. ABV 7%. $6

- Aprés Seltzer- Portland, 'Green Weaver', 'Tote Road', or 'Tangelo'. $7

**- on tap. Try any 4 of your choice in a flight for $10

Non-alcholic options available

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